Sunday, 22 February 2009


I'll start by reviewing the game system as a whole. I seem to recall significant updates to the rules once Lone Wolf became a Grandmaster, so I suspect this will be a review of the system for the first five or six books, and I'll possibly do another one after that, depending on how radical the changes are.
I must admit that I'm not a fan of the randomly-generated combat-stats thing. It's so horribly unfair if you happen to roll badly (note: I don't like random-number tables, so I'm going to be using a 10-sided dice for my adventures), and the problem is much worse in Lone Wolf, than, say the Fighting Fantasy series because you carry your stats over from adventure to adventure.
Now it is true that the LW series is generally possibly to tackle without fighting much, or necessarily at all, so a low combat score isn't necessarily going to prevent you from winning, but a high one certainly won't hurt, and I dislike excessive randomness in gamebooks.
However, I do like the kai-disciplines system, where you pick five skills out of ten for your character to possess. I also like the fairly simple and logical inventory rules (you can carry a few large items, any number of small one likes maps, talismans and papers, a weapon in each hand, and some money in a pouch). 
Right, I think it's time to plunge in. First up: Flight from the Dark

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