Sunday, 22 February 2009


Hello, I'm Andrew.
I spent rather a lot of my early teenage years playing various gamebooks- Fighting Fantasy, obviously, Way of the Tiger (which I remember being rather frustrating), and, probably my favourite, Joe Dever's generally excellent Lone Wolf series. 
However, I never actually owned that many of the Lone Wolf books- most of my reads were procured from my local library. Today, I have only one book- a copy of the very first one- Flight from the Dark, and even that is currently several hundred miles away at my parent's house, my own lacking sufficient space to store the vast number of books (game- and other) that I collected as a child.
I've just discovered the Project Aon website, and have now determined to see whether the books are as good as I remembered. This blog is going to follow my progress. I make no specific promises regarding updates, or even finishing the series, though I certainly plan to do so.
Generally I'm going to try to play through the books as honestly as possible to begin with. If I get killed several times, I may begin rampantly cheating and/or checking routes to the end so that I can review the whole book even without necessarily completing it.
I'm not going to bother explaining the rules for the system- if you're curious and/or in need of a refresher course, head over to Project Aon and look them up there. I will, however, briefly review what I think of them in my next post.

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